Best Laminate Selections in K-W area


Our laminate floors are second to none. From the latest design trends to earth tones, sleek and stylish, and featured products, we provide all types of quality laminate flooring solutions.



Our Laminate Installation Process

Not Every Install is Equal. We at Advanced Flooring deliver incredible laminate floor installations you can depend on. Our laminate is simple in design but effective in creating a healthier and safer living environment.
A unique laminate installation system prevents dirt and debris from settling along the laminate grooves. Our specialized floor installers will prepare the surface with the necessary materials and levelling.
We install the interlocking laminate floor with seamless results. We ensure that every new floor or upgrade of flooring meets with the appropriate service and quality standards.
Our goal is to ensure that every floor complies with our guaranteed solutions. Our specialized installation team is dedicated to applying your laminate floors correctly the first time around. Whether wood grain in appearance or natural stone design, we can instantly transform your space with affordable, quality solutions.


Our Laminate Range

If you admire the beauty of a hardwood floor but without the
price tag, then laminate is an affordable alternative to modify the home. Our laminate floors are available in natural-looking wood grain. Benefit from the beautiful appeal including the appearance of textured wood. Our flooring installation services can assist in the installation of laminate with
precision and appeal.

Why Choose Laminate

Laminate floors are the most popular addition for the home because it is
practical, easy to clean, offers beautiful design range and is an affordable
flooring installation. Owing to the plastic surface and a secure locking
system, it prevents dust and dander from becoming lodged in between its
grooves. Apply a protective barrier and you safeguard your laminate floors
against dirt, scratches and moisture.


Our Laminate Guarantee

We provide a professional guarantee on every floor product and installation
we deliver. Our focus is on offering our clients high-quality solutions
including beautiful laminate with the precision installation. Our laminate
products offer an interlocking system ensuring it is airtight, level and
provides the functionality you need in a floor.